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Colour Meanings

Colours have meaning both consciously and unconsciously. Combined with font and arrangement, colours can really help you communicate your brand to your target audience. Here are some guidelines when you’re thinking about branding or re branding your company. 


Yellow embodies optimism.  It’s associated with clarity, warmth, youthfulness and hope. Popular companies that use this colour include Denny’s, Shell Gas, McDonalds and National Geographic’s. It’s commonly paired with Red and Black.


Orange is often related to friendly labels. It exudes cheerfulness, confidence, excitement and health. Brands that use this colour include Nickelodeon, Home Depot, Fanta and Harley Davidson. Yellow and Blue compliment these colours.


Red is excitement. The colour is associated with power, love, warning, danger, strength and boldness. Popular brands that use this colour include Coca Cola, Netflix, Target and Adobe. There are a lot of colours that compliment Red, but Yellow and Blue seem to be the most common.


Purple is often linked to creativity. It gives imaginative, wise, royalty, ambition and fantasy vibes. Brands that use this colour include Cadbury, Hallmark, FedEx and Yahoo. Various shades of purple tend to be used in logos and Golden colours are often paired as well.


Blue is often related to trust, dependability and strength. Popular brands that use Blue include Ford, IBM, Pepsi and Lowes. It’s often paired with Red and various shades of blue are used throughout many logos. When paired with Green it has a more nature feel.


Green embodies peacefulness, nature, and health. It can also represent envy and money.  Popular brands that use this colour include Starbucks, Spotify, Land Rover and Holiday Inn. It’s often paired with yellow and is usually seen in many health and financial industries.


No matter what colours or colour combinations you use, make sure they are complimentary and represent the branding you’d like your company to embody. If you’re looking for help on this, give us a call! We design logos and can help with any rebranding elements.